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Pick The Right Type Of Affiliate Marketing

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

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Embark on a captivating journey through the main types of affiliate marketing - Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Click, and Cost-Per-Action. Chart your course to the island that suits your treasure-hunting style.

Choosing the Right Type of Affiliate Marketing: Introduction

Set Sail on the Affiliate Marketing Ocean

Ahoy, fellow marketers! Grab your compass and treasure maps as we set sail on the vast ocean of affiliate marketing. Whether you're a greenhorn or a seasoned mariner, the seas are ripe for the taking.

Anchors aweigh!

Navigating the Affiliate Marketing Waters

The Affiliate Marketing ocean is teeming with islands, each rich with gold and treasures. But today, we shall focus on the three crowning jewels:

  • Pay-Per-Sale Island,

  • Pay-Per-Click Beach

  • Cost-Per-Action Bay

Pay-Per-Sale (PPS): The Treasure Chest Island

Rewarding Commissions

Board the galleon of Pay-Per-Sale, where the echo of “Sale Ahoy!” fills the salty air. In these waters, you be reeling in commissions for every sale through your affiliate link.

Imagine it like finding a treasure chest brimming with gold doubloons and precious gemstones.

The true magic of PPS is that the size of the chest grows with the number of sales you make.

And here’s a pirate’s secret - some programs offer recurring treasure for subscription sales.

Aye, it's the gift that keeps on giving! The patrons subscribe, and you keep collecting a share of their fees like a pirate lord collecting tribute from his subjects.


Finding the Perfect Merchants

Before you set sail, you need to find the right merchant. It’s like choosing the ship for your plundering adventures; it must be sturdy, reliable, and fit for the task.

  • Know Your Waters: Research the market and identify the products in demand. If you sail in fashion waters, don’t promote barnacles and seaweed!

  • Reputation Is Key: Align yourself with merchants whose names are sung. A reputable merchant's wind in your sails means smoother sailing and a happier crew (audience).

  • The Bounty Share: Look for merchants offering favorable commission rates. However, beware of the siren’s call of greed; high commissions on poor products be a path to ruin.

Crafting Enticing Content: Your Bait for the Catch

With a ship and a destination, you need to lure the fish to your hook. This is where the art of content crafting comes into play.

  • Reviews with a Pirate's Flair: Write honest yet exciting reviews. A pirate’s tale be thrilling - so should yer content. But no fibbing, or you’ll lose your crew's trust.

  • Share Tales: Engage with your audience through stories and experiences. Share tales of how you (or someone else) used the product during your voyages.

Nurturing Your Crew: Turning Deckhands Into Loyal Mates

Engage with Your Crew

Answer their queries and provide them assistance. A captain that fights alongside his crew is respected and followed.

Keep them Hooked

Regularly update your content, and keep your crew informed about new products and treasures (deals). A stale sea biscuit won't win anyone's heart.

Analyzing the Stars: Tracking & Optimizing

  • Use Tracking Tools: Use analytics tools to track your course - see where your traffic is coming from and what content is catching their eyes.

  • Adjust Your Course: If the winds change, be ready to adjust your sails. Optimize content, experiment with different products, and ensure your ship always travels towards bounty.

Generate leads

Pay-Per-Click (PPC): The Golden Coin Beach

Earning with Every Click

In the glittering sands of PPC Beach, each click is a golden coin waiting to be pocketed. The very footsteps of the visitors be music to a pirate’s ears.

Chicky Boom! You earn doubloons for every soul you direct to a merchant's ship (their website). You heard right—no need to plunder sales. Just get them to dock at the merchant’s harbor, and the coins are yours!

But be warned, the more coins you seek, the craftier you must be. There are no treasure maps here, only the agility and charm of a cunning pirate!

The Art of Attracting Clicks

Like a siren calling ships to the shore, you must weave a mesmerizing web to lure the clicks in.

Enticing Banners

Craft banners that’d make mermaids blush. Use eye-catching designs, and don’t be shy about the colors.

Magnetic Content

Write content that hooks them like a hearty sea shanty. Make them dance to your tune with captivating words that lead them to click.

Seductive Calls-to-Action

A pirate’s command be mighty; your call-to-action should be too. Compel them to click as if guided by the stars themselves.

Selecting the Right Beach: Choosing Your Niche

  • Map Your Shores: Research which shores have the shiniest coins. Different niches have different click values. Some beaches have more gold than others!

  • Align with Your Interests: Choose a niche that sings to your pirate soul. Attracting fellow sailors is easier when you're passionate about the shores you sail.

Guard Against Click-Fraud: Keeping Scallywags at Bay

  • Keep a Weather Eye: Monitor your traffic closely; some scallywags use dubious means to inflate clicks. Don't let them plunder your hard-earned booty!

  • Deploy Anti-Fraud Tools: Use tools that help in guarding against click fraud. Protect yer treasure like the Kraken itself guards it.

Navigating the Tides: Adjusting Strategies

  • Use Your Spyglass: Keep an eye on trends. The tides change, and so should yer strategies. Adapt to the ever-changing currents to keep the doubloons flowing.

  • A/B Test Yer Tactics: Like trying different sea routes, experiment with your content, banners, and calls to action to find the golden path.

beach - sea

Cost-Per-Action (CPA) Marketing: The Bounty Bay

Diverse Actions, Diverse Riches

Ahoy, adventurous souls! In Bounty Bay, the riches lie not just in golden clicks or hefty sales but in the various actions of the seafarers.

Imagine a bay where visitors' action is signing up for a crew, completing a treasure map (form), or installing a trusty compass (app) - which adds glittering jewels to your treasure chest.

Here, you're a bounty hunter, and each action completed is like a prized bounty you’ve hunted down. It’s a glorious adventure where your efforts are rewarded with more than just gold; they’re rewarded with pride!

The Quest for High-Quality Traffic

But beware, swashbucklers. Bounty Bay is not for the faint of heart. To conquer these waters, you need the wind of high-quality traffic in yer sails.

  • Tailor Your Maps: Create content that speaks to the soul of the sea-goers. Know what they seek, and create treasure maps that guide them straight to the bounties.

  • Targeted Plundering: Target your audience like a skilled captain. Focus on those eager to perform the actions that fill yer coffers with riches.

  • Build Trust with Yer Crew: Let the sea-goers know they can trust you. Engage with them, offer genuine value, and they’ll be loyal crew members on your voyages.

Navigating Through Storms: Adapting to Challenges

Bounty Bay is tempestuous, and the waves are unpredictable.

  • Steady as She Goes: Monitor yer campaigns closely. The tides change swiftly, and what worked today may sink tomorrow.

  • Creative Sailing: Don’t be afraid to think outside the treasure chest. Innovative approaches to capturing leads can set you apart from the other pirates in the bay.

Forming Alliances: Partnering with the Right Programs

Seek Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

Align with programs that value your efforts and share your vision for treasure hunting.

Negotiate Fair Bounties

Ensure that the share of the bounty you receive is worthy of your efforts. A fair share for an honest day’s work, says I!

Reaping the Bounties: Measuring Success

  • Track Your Bounties: Use analytics to track which actions bring in the most doubloons.

  • Celebrate and Evaluate: Take time to celebrate your victories and evaluate and learn from each bounty hunt.

Comparison: PPS vs. PPC vs. CPA – Choosing Your Island

Now that ye be familiar with the islands let's weigh anchor and compare them side by side:

PPS (Treasure Chest Island)

  • Pros: High commissions, potential recurrent income

  • Cons: Depending on sales, more effort is required in content

  • Best for: Seasoned marketers with dedicated audiences

PPC (Golden Coin Beach)

  • Pros: Earn with each click, doesn’t require sales

  • Cons: Lower earnings per action, highly competitive

  • Best for: Those with high-traffic sites and engaging content

CPA (Bounty Bay)

  • Pros: Diverse actions, potentially high earnings

  • Cons: Often need approval, requires high-quality traffic

  • Best for: Experienced marketers with targeted audience

Choose the island that beckons to your heart and aligns with your skills and audience.

Tips for Sailing Successfully

Now, before you leave the harbor, here are a few nuggets of wisdom:

  1. Know Your Crew: Understand your audience – their desires and needs. Tailor your content to them like a fine pair of breeches.

  2. Keep Your Shipshape: Regularly update and optimize your content. A rotting ship won’t survive the stormy seas.

  3. Beware of Scallywags: Not all affiliate programs, be honest. Research and choose reputable ones to avoid walking the plank.

  4. Test the Waters: Experiment with different campaigns and strategies. The sea is vast, don't be afraid to explore.

Conclusion: Your Treasure Map to Success

You’ve now the treasure map to the glistening types of affiliate marketing – Pay-Per-Sale, Pay-Per-Click, and Cost-Per-Action.

Will ye seek the Treasure Chest Island, scavenge the Golden Coin Beach, or hunt for bounties in the CPA Bay?

The choice is yours!

The Affiliate Marketing Ocean is a wondrous place filled with opportunities. But remember, with great treasure comes great responsibility. Navigate wisely, and may your sails always be full!

Bon Voyage!

As the sun sets on the horizon, I, Captain Affiliatious, raise my glass to you. May the winds be favorable, and may your affiliate treasure chest overflow with riches. Until our paths cross again on the high seas, fair winds, and calm seas to you!

Thanks for reading!

Laurence Zimmermann

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